After solving a problem,
go back and check your answer
in the problem.
Does your answer make sense?

Solve these problems.  Is your answer reasonable?

Libby has a coin collection. 
    At a coin shop she bought an old penny that cost $3.50. 
    She paid with a $5.00 bill. 
What was her change?

 Libby had 16 nickels in her collection.
     Then her grandfather gave her 14 more nickels.
How many nickels does she have now?

 Libby has one nickel that is worth $4.50 and a dime that
     is worth $7.00. 
How much more is the dime worth than the nickel?

  Libby went to a coin show at 1:00 P.M. and she stayed
     until 3:00 P.M. 
How long was she at the show?

  Libby had 98 pennies in her collection. 
     She sold 15 of her pennies at the show, and she bought 6
     new ones. 
How many pennies does she have now?



Check your answer to be sure it is reasonable,
or makes sense.

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