Visual aids can be used to help
you understand numbers and
data more easily.

They help to group together
and simplify data.

Bar graphs allow
 you to see 
 between different

 From the survey
 there are 20   
 represented in the
 bar graph.

   Using representation:

= 100    = 10   = 1




                          or 276 units

  Place Value blocks 
  can be used as 
  visuals to help you

162 + 114  = 276 units

  Frequency tables    
  help to organize

  There were 5 kids
  absent from school
  on Friday.

The pictograph is
  another type of
  graph that is used
  to display and
  organize data.

  Green is the
  favorite color of 4

Click on the graph for some practice.

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