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Area = is the number of square units that cover a figure

To find the area, 
count the number of 
square units in an object.

Also know that 
Area = length x width
( A = l x w)

Each square is a 
'square unit'

Each object (A or B) has 5 square units 

Object A has 3 vertical and 2 horizontal
square units 
to equal a total of 5 sq.units.

Object B has 4 sq. units and
 2 half units which together equal 1 sq.unit
to equal a total of 5 sq. units

This "T" object
has 10 square units


This rectangle also
has 10 square units

Area's formula is:

Area = length x width
A= l x w

In the object above,

5 x 2 = 10 square centimeters


the number of square units
and knowing
 Area= length x width
can help you find the area
of an object.

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