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Patterns & Functions


Line Graphs
allow you to
  interpret data easily
and analyze trends.

  •  They make comparisons between different numbers very easy to see.
  •  They clearly show trends in data.

Here are some sample 
questions and answers
to the graph below.
See if you would have answered them the same way.


Sample Question #1)    
How much did the temperature rise from January 1st to the 4th?
Sample Answer #1)
10 degrees to 42 is a rise of 32 degrees.

Sample Question #2)
Over the 7 days, what trend do you notice?
Sample Answer #2)
Except for one day (4th), the temperatures are rising each day.

Sample Question #3)
What 2 back-to-back days had the greatest rise in temperature?
Sample Answer #3)
The largest rise in temperature was when the temperature rose 15 degrees from the January 1st to the 2nd.



Line graphs give you the opportunity
to quickly and easily
look at and
analyze data.

Line graphs allow you to
notice trends in data.


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