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Document-Based Question
Causes of the American Revolution
Social Studies Grade 4
Name ________________________
Date   ________________________
Read the documents in Part A and answer the questions
after each document.  Then read the directions for Part B
and write your essay.
There were many causes of the American Revolution.
The long struggle between England and her 13 colonies
in America took place over the course of several years
during the middle of the 18th century.  A number of
important events lead up to the Revolutionary War,
which resulted in freedom for the colonists and the birth
of the United States of America.  
The 1760’s and 1770’s were years of dissatisfaction and
rebellion for colonial America.  Using the following
documents write a factual essay that describes the events
that lead up to the Revolutionary War.  Include
information about the acts passed by British Parliament,
political cartoons, newspaper articles, engravings,
protests, and clashes between the colonists and the