The earliest inhabitants of our continent of North America were thought to have come across a bridge of land thousands of years ago.  During the Ice Age, the land in the northern parts of North America and Asia were covered with thick layers of  ice. With the formation of the ice, the level of the water in the oceans dropped, and this land was above sea level.
      When the climate changed at the end of the Ice Age, the ice melted and the ocean level rose, covering the bridge of land.  

Welcome to the Center for the Study of the First Americans

Directions:  Base your answers to the questions below on the above map and your knowledge of social studies.

1.  What two continents were connected by the Bering Land Bridge? 

__________________________ and ___________________________

2.  What two oceans were connected when the ice melted land bridge became

__________________________ and ___________________________

3.  In what main direction were these early inhabitants migrating (moving?)


4.  Look carefully at the map and find where you live.  How many years ago
     did people begin to come into your area?

 Between ___________________ and ___________________ years ago.

What do you think they were searching for? ______________________

*submerged means sunken or flooded


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